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What's Been happening in Agriculture?

What’s been happening in Agriculture?
There have been many exciting learning experiences on the farm for Agricultural Science students.
9/10 Ag Science class
Throughout this term, the Year 9/10 Ag Science class have been studying animal science – in particular the various digestive systems in different animals.  A huge thank-you to Elliot Agribusiness for donating sheep digestive tracts for the students to dissect and investigate.  The students were amazed at the complexity of the various stomachs and the actual length of the intestines.  The hands on experience was very valuable for the students and one they will not forget.
Another important aspect of digestion is how food actually enters the digestive tract.  Wayne “Pottsy” Potts presented the students with a lesson on Equine Dentistry.  Pottsy showed the students the tools used by an Equine Dentist and how to use them, he also bought along some horse skulls so students could actually see the teeth and how the tools work within them.  Pottsy also explained the importance of having your horse’s teeth cared for in relation to not only the horse’s overall health but its performance also.  The students found this talk extremely interesting and it was an aspect of animal care that most had not been exposed to.  Pottsy also showed students how to tell if a horse’s teeth needed to be looked at and “Patches” the pony was happy to be used as a model.
The Roma State College also had chickens compete at the Blackall Poultry Show in mid July, where the school’s Rhode Island Reds were very successful.  Our rooster won first place, with two of the three hens being placed 2nd and 3rd.  The 9/10 Ag Class learnt the basics on how to prepare a rooster / hen for showing under the watchful eye and guidance of farm hand Vanessa Lewis.  A special thank you to Vanessa for taking the poultry to the show.
One very busy term is now coming to an end and we are all excited to see what next term will bring. Once again, thank you to all who have made this term enjoyable and assisted in delivering great learning opportunities for the students.
Megan Johannesen
(Agricultural Science Teacher)