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Term 4 Agricultural Science

Term 4 Agricultural Science
Term 4 has been a very productive and busy time for the Agricultural Science team.
We are happy to say that both blocks have now got official names and signs on each of them.  The bottom cattle block is now named “Taurindicus” – which is a combination of the two cattle species Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus.  Presently our Speckled Park steers are happily grazing and being handled by Year 10 Students.  The students and steers are progressing in skills nicely.  The top Ag Block is named “Mindarie” – aboriginal for Bottle Tree.  Two new bottle trees have been planted in the font garden bed by students to represent this.
The Year 10 class has the opportunity to attend a Cattle handling and judging workshop to be held in Pittsworth in December 2018 organised by the Simmental Organisation, Qld branch.  Students are eagerly counting down the days to the camp which will see them visiting a feedlot, an abattoir, learning how to parade and judge cattle both on and off the hook as well as other cattle related activities.  Watch this space to hear how we go.
Chester the dairy calf, and his two mates, have gained significant weight and are going through the process of weaning.  You may hear our proud dairy cow “mum” Desiree calling to her calf.  But, rest assured, both are being looked after and have more food and care than they can ask for.  Weaning of the calf has meant that Desiree is still producing plenty of milk in which students have enjoyed participating in milking her.  Chester and his friends will be heading down to “Taurindicus” come holiday time to meet the Speckled Park steers and stay with them.
There have been large amounts of chickens being incubated and hatching with a great strike rate.  Presently we have approximately 30 young chicks – pure Rhode Island Reds, Silkies and some White Sussex.  Most of these chicks will be used to replace older hens / roosters but there will be some for sale.  We are also eagerly awaiting the hatching of 6 Quail eggs that were brought in from a Year 7 student. 
Yours in Agriculture,
Megan Evans.
Agricultural Science teacher.