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Senior Ski-Trip
Snowboarding for days, sightseeing Christchurch and living the high life. This was the life lived for 11 students in the June holidays! On the 24th June, Anna Rowbotham, Georgia Walton, Serena Sharpe, Libby Graham, Rosie Moller, Shae Collins, Charlotte Clout, Tom See, Ned Clem and Harvey Wright, accompanied by Mr Vickers and Miss Stewart, travelled to Methven New Zealand for the 2017 ski tour at Mt Hutt.
On the 24th we had three flights and a one hour bus ride until our destination. It was mostly smooth sailing until Ned got done for explosives. Arriving late at Christchurch, we were welcomed by cold chills, all students were to pack their bags on the bus and get seated, Harvey the gentlemen he is, left his bag outside for Vickers to store while he stayed warm in the bus.
We experienced it snowing on our first day and as Harvey saw it first, he believed he deserved points. Lessons were under way, and Libby found it a little difficult being the first to hit the deck. Jake tried to do some tricks and “ate snow proper”. By the end, students were exhausted and needed a well-rested sleep. However, night time activities kicked in. Each night students enjoyed an array of activities including games night, lip-sync competition, jokes night, talent show and trivia.
On the second day of snowboarding, we had students on quad chairs and on ‘Highway 72’ (The green slope). Plenty of practise, plenty of falls and plenty of bruises. But this didn’t stop anyone especially Serena who was determined to carve the turns.
On the third day of snowboarding every single student made it to ‘Highway 72’, a fantastic achievement. Most had control although, it did leave Libby eating the wall of the mountain and crawling to where she needed to stop and Rosie taking a little tumble, leaving her visiting the medical centre. We also had Jake running into Anna and Harvey running into Charlotte. Shae having golf ball sized knots in her calf muscles and Serena with a palm size bruise on her hamstring. Needless to say it was time for a rest.
Retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered. Students toured Christchurch, bargained for some deals, had an appointment with COOKIE TIME (NZ most famous cookie factory) and sped away on the Waikiriri River on a Jetboat ride.
Awakening to a glorious day on the fifth day students snowboarded until their hearts content. Only the 4th time snowboarding and students were freestyle snowboarders. They were taught how to tail press, perform 180 degree turns and bunny hop.
Our last day on the mountain had been postponed as Mt Hutt was receiving 150km winds. This meant another day in Christchurch. Students visited the Antarctic Centre, Container Mall, ruins of the 2011 earthquake (Cathedral Square), Christchurch botanical gardens and the museum.
After anticipation to the previous days events it was unsure if Mt Hutt would be open for students to snowboard one last time. As we checked the mountain report in the morning the mountain was deemed ‘Open’ so off we went to only find we got to the chain station and cars and buses lined up… an avalanche had occurred causing the road to be closed for hours. After a long wait we finally arrived to fresh powered snow and a final day of snowboarding.
All students had a blast rating the trip an 11/10. Thanks all to the supportive parents to allow their child to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am sure you will hear many more stories.